Hard time starting 05 wr450

Just so we are on the same page, I've done all the mods, JD kit, AIS and front sprocket down 1, Until this last week I have always been able to get my bike to start right up especially with the kicker but lately I'm having a hard time starting it in cold weather. The weather hasn't changed in the past few weeks so I doubt it's that and my jetting has not changed dince then also. What do you think could be causing this issue if all other variable have stayed the same, could my jets be coming loose in the carb???????????????????

starter jet size! if it is cold out a 75 (30 to 40 degrees) or 72 ( 40 to 50 degrees) 70 starter (50 to 60 degrees) 68 starter (60 to 70 degrees) 65 starter above 70 degrees) starter jet really helps. Or you can pump the throttle to some level and hope you dont flood it. :)

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