XR 650 Exhaust, New Tip or whole Pipe?

I have an XR 650R and I have the Honda power up kit, and the aftermarket exhaust tip. Is there a big difference in power between aftermarket pipes and just changing out the tip? I know that changing out the header pipe does not make a huge difference but is there a big difference between a new slip on versus the performance tip?

People keep telling me that the Honda one is very good as it is with the "uncorked" HRC loud tip in.

I've only seen a few pipes that make more peak power than the stock pipe with the HRC insert, they all loose power in the mid range. The stock setup is very good. Spend the money on suspension. You will feel a huge difference.

I wish there was a copy of the xr650r pipe shootout still posted somehwere. It was a couple years old, but it showed that some of the big name pipes actually made less power that the stock header with opened tip. If you modify the bike (cam, piston, porting, etc), then I'm sure there are better gains to be had from a complete system.

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