so you think your wr's tough ?

So me and a buddy ice race a 2000 wr 400. last year we did the season and of course practices. In the 04 24 hr we did 76 ish laps at 18 k per lap = 1368 kms. and 4 6hrs at about 300 k per race so 1200 there. And then this years 24 hr race 71 at 20 k per lap = 1420 with practices who knows how many kms there. And who knows what the guy did to it before I bought it. The compression was 155 at the start of this season so we thought we would runner so to speak. So we did and it ran great it didn't use a drop of oil for the 1420 kms. and other than a exhaust glitch not the bikes fault if you know what I mean. and a botched rear tire change at 5:30 in the am. It was great. -15 deg c at night.

Renthal pro taper bars, Universal top clamp, Big Gun race Exhaust, zip ty fuel screw, K&N air filter,Dr d hot start, power now, 185 main, 48 pilot, Clarke 3.3 tank.

Two sore butts and backs and 1 really happy wr400 owner.

I guess I'm just proud of my bike.

But now it's gonna get some love tear down and rebuild. or at least a good look.

You gotta love a WR!! :)

I have just over 25,000 miles on my WR and I am also thinking of opening her up for a good look. (Many of these miles have been spent on the rev limiter!) How long are the valves good for?

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