XR650R motard conversion questions

I just bought a 2000 XR650R, already set up for the street with the Baja Designs kit, and am going to convert it to a street 'tard. I have a few questions about a few things though.

Bars- My stock bars are getting a bit ratty looking. Any recommendations for a good replacement for street motard use?

Wheels- I've been looking at several options for converting to 17" wheels. I was thinking about getting a set of CBR600F2 wheels until I found out that the front axle diameters are different. Has anyone fitted a set of aluminum wheels, or is everyone pretty much using laced wheels? Where's the best (cost effective) place to order a set of Excel/Talon wheels?

Tanks- I've searched through the forums and it seems there are several to choose from. I'd like to get decent capacity for the street. Any thoughts on Clarke, IMS, or Acerbis? Has anyone with the big Acerbis tank (6 gal) had any cooling issues? It seems to cover a large area where the radiators sit.

Paint- Has anyone tried using the Krylon "fusion" paint on plastic bodywork/tanks? How does it hold up?

Renthall bars (CR 250 bars)

15/39 up to 15/46 gearing

Talon hubs

Excel or Morad rims

17" tyres of your choice

Large wavy discs

Talon Caliper bracket

Stainless steel braided hoses

Wheels usually have stainless laced/spokes, My rims are Morad, Spanish and a little cheaper than Excel's, I have polished alloy rims and Talon Gold annodised hubs.

Sorry can't help you with places to buy as I am from good old Great Britain :)


I've got a perfect exahust system for sale for an XR650r motard.

Akrapovic full titanium system, super light, loud but not obnoxious.


.....in case you are interested.



I know of a website that someone converted a set of Suziki SV650 cast aluminum 17" wheels to use with XR650R... I'll have to look it up later.

If you plan on doing and Supermotard stuff, it's better to have spoked wheels and large front rotor..

My XR650R will have a 17" rear wheel by spring time.



This is my XR650R SuperMoto setup

2003 XR650R

Moriwaki Engineering Full Stainless Exhaust

Eline Dual Sport Kit

Magura Radial Master Cylinder with Remote Reservoir

E-Line Accessories Dual Sport Kit

Pro Taper CR-Hi

Acerbis Front Fender

Braking USA Front StremX 320mm Wave Rotor

Braking USA Rear Wave Rotor

Braking USA Front 4 Piston Caliper

Emig Racing XR-CRF Conversion Triple Clamps

CRF Inverted Forks setup by Pro Circuit

Excel 3.5x17 & 4.25x17 Black Rims w/Talon Black Hubs

& Buchanon HD Spokes

Pirelli Diablos 120/60 R17 Frt, 150/60 R17 Rear

gearing is 15/45

And the best part…it is CA Street legal

I also have a desert tank too (not pictured)

For Sale

And I wouldn’t paint the tank but you could paint the shrouds


Dude, you gotta lower that front end a bit.. it almost looks like a chopper :)

I was thinking something looked a little odd too, no offence but the front is too high up. It needs lowering by a good few inches.

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