Best 04' 450 Rear Tire "value"?

I am looking at getting a new rear tire and want input. What is the best all around, long lasting tire out there. So far I hear the Maxxis IT is very good and that the Kenda Carlsband is a nice pick. Is it just me or did seem like my dunlop 739 wore really fast? I ride 10% MX and 90% desert trails. Any input would be appreciated.

Im running the Maxxis right now and it works great. They are supposed to last long and the price is right.

The Maxxis IT does last a lot longer than a 756, I can tell you for certain. As a bonus, it bites better in most soils, too. Kenda is a cheap tire, but not a good value.

I hated the 739 it seemed to wear OK, definitely better than the 756 I have on now but it was so skittish all of the time I felt like I was on the verge of crashing all of the time. My next tire will be a Maxxis IT just to try one out.

I ride some sand, hardpack, and street with the Maxxis, so far so good. Wearing like iron.

739 sucks

756 best traction

Maxxis traction almost as good as 756 with twice the life

they make 2 kinds of IT get the "desert IT"(its got a tougher carcass) i used the reg IT in the eastern woods,it was good t'ill it got muddy(i went to a trelleborg tenmaster,which is one of the best all'round rear tire ever) . as long as your not in mud often go with the IT :)

I've ran the Kenda Carlsbad and Maxxis IT on my 450. Both tires hold up better than the Dunlop 739AT for desert riding. Next time you're at the shop getting a tire, look at the tread pattern between the 739 and Maxxis IT - they look very similiar.

Dunlop is coming out with a new tire. It is the D952 and supposedly is a value priced off-road tire that handles a wide variety of terrain and conditions. It is also constructed for longer wear and traction. The tread pattern is based on the D752, but is more durable. Taken from Motocross Action. Matt

I have run the kenda carlsbad and it wore great on my 2 stroke. After 2 rides the factory tire on yzf is wore out already and its a Dunlop.

I'll second the Maxis IT. I've been running it for a while now. Works great in a variaty of conditions and lasts forever. Only downside is its weight. For some people this is a big issue. I haven't found it to be a problem. :)

i don't think the weights too much an issue t'ill you get into sumthin like the terraflex(19lbs!!!) the reg IT weighs just under 12 i don't know about the desert? :)

Have you guys ever used the Michelin S12, it is a great tire but soft compound, only lasts a short while.

I'm Not A Big Fan Of Maxxis Or Dunlop. I Have Been Using Michelin With Great Results.

High Compression

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