E-series and Melting Reservoir

HI all-

I bought a used 99 WR400 with a series 1 E-series exhaust. I bolted it on today and noticed the rear brake reservoir was melted and distorted. I have about a 1/2 inch gap between the pipe and the reservoir. Anyone else have this problem? Solution?

I gave it a quick run around the block and noticed the reservoir was leaking. I planning on fabbing in a heat shield with some reflective tape, not sure if it will work.

The bike seems to have a bit more pep with the pipe on though.

Anyone got a photo showing a rear vies of te e-series exhaust outlet and the plastics around it? I read about someone else having plastics melting, but I'd like to see how others line up.

OK. Did another search and turned this jewel of information up:

Answer Thread

The answer is in header tape and spacers on the reservoir and the pipe.

I love this place :):) If I could just get better at searching....

Glad to be of some assistance. :)

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