Are inverted forks availible for the 650?

Does anyone sell inverted forks for the 650? If not will CR/CRF forks fit with different triple clamps? How about Ohlins forks?

Yes, its very easy to adapt inverted forks. CR forks and triple clamps will bolt right into the stem. You may also have to swap the front wheel and caliper off the CR too.


different diameter front axle.. and brake caliper mounting points.

Here's what an XR650R looks like with Ohlins USD forklegs:





That's exactly what I'm askin myself,WHY.. :)

My suspension has been reworked and work's great IMO.. :)

USD forklegs are stiffer laterally, when the bike is leaning sideways "on-pavement", USD forklegs have less flex when pushed to the limit.. also looks much better.

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