Riding the Simpson dersert Australia

Is their any body who has rode the simpson or would like to join a ride leaving From Dalhouse approx 31/05/2005 we have 3 riders so far and one back up 4wd we need at least 1 more driver 4wd supplied another rider would be then able to come the ratio is 2 bikes per 4wd so if any body whats to join the crossing they can if they arange a extra 4wd so far its 2 wr450fs a xr600 and a hilux 4wd we expect to take 4 days to cross the 750 kms approx


sounds great, would love too but dont think Ill have the $$

should be good though

armyjohn, do you know of www.dirtbikeworld.net ? In case you don't, it's an Aussie site.

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