Need help quick! 05 WR450 jetting ?'s

I need a starting point for how to jet my 05 wr450. I should be receiving my JD kit and zip-ty fuel screw tomorrow. I'm going to Ocotillo Wells (sealevel) this weekend and hope I can have my jetting dialed in before I leave. I want to nail it first time (don't we all). I have changed throttle screw (yz), installed ais removal kit (thanks, Lowedog), cut gray wire, removed airbox snorkle and added white bros. vent plugs on right side of airbox, put on a white bros. E2 slip-on silencer(w/baffle). All my jetting is stock at the moment. I live at 1200' elevation, usually 70-90 degrees, usually dry (it's raining now though). Most of my riding will be at sealevel up to 4000'. I have gathered lots of info form TT forums and here's

what my initial plan is: 170 mj, red needle 3rd or 4th clip, 48 pilot. Am I headed in the right direction? Should I do something or not do somthing that I am planning? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

*...also posted in jetting forum.

Sure are. I ride in Ocotillo my self and have very similar setup on my 05 wr450 as yours aside from I'm running Dr. D's exhaust. As per Indy_450's suggestion I'm running the Red needle @ #4 and a 165 main jet. I was going to try the 170 main to see how it worked at some point. I still have the stock pilot but I'll be putting in the 48 soon.

I started off with the JD instructions recommendation of blue needle @ #3 position but that didn't work well for me. :)

Zipty screw is about 1 3/4 turns out. Careful when removing the stock screw to save the spring, washer, and o-ring. You don't want to loose them. You'd be :p

At these setting this bike is outrageous! Tons of torque. :)

I haven't ridden at a higher elevation yet so I'm not sure how these settings will work there.

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