Best "all-around" tires...?

So, after seeing many choices at the Indy Dealer show this past weekend, I've been thinking, "What is the best tire choice for the places I ride?"

I ride at St. Joe State Park, in Park Hills, MO, (an old lead mine) where in any given day you encounter sand/tailings (lots), dirt/mud trails, rocky hills & trails, creekbeds, & wooded singletrack. I also am currently working on a looped trail on a piece of property I own that is mostly wooded dirt trail with some rocky sections & a few granite "slabs". The only other place I've ridden is at a looped trail that's all dirt with a bunch of jumps & a couple of stream crossings.

I've been thinking about going with some intermediate Maxxis' or something but don't have any experience of dirtbike tires other than the Dunlop 739's that came on the bike.

Ideas, opinions, & experiences are appreciated.


as far as the front i'm running the new maxxcross SI and find it tough to beat in any terrain,wears well also. i've been waiting for the matched rear to go on the market,should be here according to maxxis?? in the rear i've been running a trelleborg tenmaster very good allround tire,its gonna be tough for the SI to beat it but if its anything like the front its gotta be good!!!! :)

I've been using Continental TKC-80 for all kind of surface.. rocks, mud, sand dynes, gravel, tarmac.. It works pretty well and it's certified for road use

Bridestone 401 front...402 rear!

pierelli s12 front m12 rear.

pierelli s12 front m12 rear.

do you even have a bike?? :)

Maxxis IT

Thanks for the imput guys, I think I may go Maxxis, probably the SI front & IT or SI (if it becomes available soon enough) rear.

One more tire question:

What size rear? I've heard lots of talk about what's the best size to run on the rear, & I know people who use different brands reccommend different sizes.

I'm pretty happy with the performance, wear & size of the current D739's but then I don't know any better, & everybody I talk to says how crap they are... :) I figure if what they're saying is true, I can only expect to see good/better results. :)

I ride down at St. Joe's too. I've been running a Maxxis M6001 intermediate on the rear and Mich M12 on the front. I love the Maxxis on the rear, good traction and hold up well. A couple of my friends have been using that Maxxis and they all like them. The Mich M12 sticks great but it chunks real quick, especally on the rocks at St. Joe.

i thought the 739's were ok until it really slick and muddy, then they got really bad. Got some wet weather tyres on there now that came with a set of MX wheels i bought second hand and they are much better.

Maxxis IT on the back is the BEST rear tire I have used for longevity. Yeah, sure you may give a little up to the Bridgestones, Dunlops, etc. right at the start, but the fact that you have 90% tread left after 6 rides beats the 50% that those pricier models would provide anyday! As for the Front, someone turned me on to a Michelin EnduroComp III. Same tread design as a M12, but the knobs are a bit stiff and seem to last better. It is DOT rated if I am not mistaken. Sticks in dirt real nice as well.

I like the Dunlop 756 front tire, it works great for me on EVERYTHING. As for the rear tire, spend a few extra bucks and get a TerraFlex from Interco, it hooks up better than any other tire I have ever used on any terrain, and lasts 2-4 times longer than a "normal" tire. These are the only tires I will use.

maxxis IT(or most any HD 120/18) = 12lbs.... terraflex = 19lbs :) if your a slower rider than the weight won't matter, but i've been told numerous times that it(terraflex) robs a substantial amount of power,and its gotta affect handling. i just don't see the balance working out. the maxxis will last at least half as long as the terraflex and are almost half as much $$$. not flaming the terraflex but i just don't see it being a better choice, at least for a fast rider :)

Another vote for Maxxis IT (front and back). Heavy...yes. Next to impossible to change on your own?.....yes. But, for the handling, longevity, and price its TOTALLY worth it. :)

IRC m5b rear, D-756 front.

how do those Monster5b's hold up on rocks? i've heard they don't last but 2-3 hard rides. i'd love to try one just for the heck of it :)

I dont really know yet. My experiece has been in pretty soft stuff, but it will see some rock testing this summer. My friend who has run them tons said they do tend to chunk if you are spinning in the rocks.:) I may go to something else for the mountains, so I watch these tire threads alot to try and learn. I can keep you posted if you like? I am sure I do not ride anywhere near as hard as you do :)......yet.

Well, here's a scan from the Maxxis Catalog I picked up at Indy last weekend, though a quick "google" for retailers carrying them turned up nothing, in the US, anyway... Sounds like a classic case of "Hurry up & wait". :)

ya the maxxis rep said they went out to distributors 2-3 wks ago? maybe the pro's bushwacked 'em :)

do you even have a bike??

Whats wrong with the pierellis ?

Yes I have several bikes.

I have never mounted the s12 or m12 on my WR but tried my buddies and I was amazzed how well they hooked up . So I was going to get some in the spring.

I have been using the Kenda trackmaster on the rear becouse it's dot ,and a

Dunlop 756 on the front with "not" in not for highway use dremeled off.

The Kenda up front was useless. Although the Kenda rear wasn't bad "for a DOT tire" I'm going to change to offroad only tires only and plead stupid if caught.

So with your great wizdom please explain how the pierelli's are not a good choice. :)

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