Quickshot for an '05

I was just perusing the various goodies out there and was wondering if the Quickshot was a worthy add on for my bike. I've got the #40 leak jet on the way, but was curious if the Boyesen add-on would be overkill in addition to the jetting changes. Those with experience, your opinions are most welcome. Gracias...SC

i'm wondering the same thing,i also have the #40 lj and still on occasion(usually at the most inopportune time) i'll grab some throttle,usually 1st gear in the tight stuff and it'll just quit (maybe once every other ride) very annoying :) it pretty much boils down to that;the valves are in spec(just set)its jetted correctly,i clean the pj/mj/lj every time i'm in there,idle is as high as i can go, a rekluse clutch,steahly flywheel,ICAT,irridium plug. all of these things helped immensely(it used to happen on a regular basis) so its either an ign flaw or AP?? the only other thing it could possibly be is the kill switch? if anyone else experiences this trouble let us know if the thing works or not? i've seen a couple people say it works and one said it didn't?

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