Which magnetic drain plug??

Looking at quality.

Ty Davis


OEM Yamaha


Are there ones manufactured better then other? :)

Heard some have a stronger magnet and some are aluminum.


I just bought the GYT-r drain plug. It is aluminum and has a good strong magnet. The way I see it, it's better than the stock plug with no magnet. I paid $16 for it. Matt

I have the ZipTy and it works great. It's aluminum and I think I paid around $15 for it.

Zipty! :)

i take a stock yamaha plug, drill them out and epoxy in a NdFeb magnet, better than you can buy, stock quality. yours for $8, plus ship. i have sold about 30 of them, and i only have one left.

reply to thelimeyone@juno.com as i dont check private messages often enough

Zipty is the way to go!

Zipty!! :) That magnet is strong!!!!!!!!GGRRRRRR! :):D:p:D

where do you get those magnets (shiping to europe...rather make my own

thinking on installing the magnet from bicycle computer

where do you get those magnets (shiping to europe...rather make my own

thinking on installing the magnet from bicycle computer

What you do is get a neodymium magnet in the shape of a cylinder such as pictured in the link below (they're very powerful magnets). You can find them cheaper elsewhere, but this is just an example of what the cylinder shape looks like. Also make sure you get the proper 'N' grade because the standard N38 grade commonly found has a low maximum operating temperature and it will demagnatize at lower temperatures than a N38SH. Look up magnet suppliers in your phone book and ask them if they carry neodymium cylinder shaped magnets and you may find a supplier in your neighborhood. I simply drill my drain plugs slightly smaller than the size of the magnet, then place epoxy in the hole and press the magnet in. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=13

The ZipTy magnetic drain plug is a very option for people who don't want to make their own.

that should be no problem since I like my own upgrades to the bike :)

also finding the right magnet should be no problem, but I dont quite understand that low maximum oprating temp...that means that if too much heat, tha magnetic properties are gone and metal particles get loose again

do you know what temp does your magnet support

anoter Q, how deep do you drill and hol much does yur magnet stick out of the plug

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