?'s Re: Shock Spring

I just got my Race Tech shock spring in and before I set about putting it on, I was wondering if there were any tricks to doing it or anything I should watch out for. It seems pretty straight forward, but you never can tell. Domo Arigato...SC

Loosen the retaining collars (or at least the "lock" one) as much as possible before removing the shock from the bike, this is especially helpful if you don't have a vise.

Try & finish the job before you finish the 6-pack. :)

Good luck.

Wow, just put mine on the bike tonight. What a pain in the ass. I could get the lock ring to loosen up but the Adjusting ring was seized. Had to get enought play to remove spring and then cut of the adjusting ring. I used a dremel tool with a small cut off wheel, make sure you protect threads on shock body with duct tape. :) Once I removed the adjusting ring I took my new ring and ran it back and forth over the threads to make sure they felt ok. The other thing about putting the spring on is that they included a additional collar to be used on the bottom of the shock to take up space, it looked fine. And it appears that the ends of spring are two different sizes. Make sure the spring fits snug on both ends. Good Luck.:)

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