Fork Leaks

I Just got a 01 wr426 2 weeks ago. I Love it:-). BUT I seem to have developed fork leaks after about 300 miles on bike. Is there something I should know? How to prevent and should I repair it myself or take it back to the dealer?


I'll try to knock this out in one shot. This is not uncommon, mine and alot of others leaked as well. 1ST take it back to the dealer and they MAY cover it as long as it's still in the 30 day frame. 2nd if they will cover it buy a aftermarket set of fork seals(I used Factory Connections, they are 1mm longer and are softer to seal better), have the dealer install the aftermarket seal. 3RD This is where things get different for different people. I get a 2.5" roll of gauze tape(non sticky) and pull down my dust cover. I make 1.5 wraps around the fork and push the dust cover back up to hold it in place. I change them after EVERY muddy ride and after every 3rd dusty ride. I catch ALOT of dirt and crap with my tape. Some people use grease, but it's harder to get it all out and clean.

4TH after every ride loosen the bleed valve on top of your shock and vent the build up pressure. I learn this form a YAMAHA tech.

If you don't have the time or $$$ to buy new seals get a business card or a piece of 8mm film. Pull down your dust covers and run the film in between the seal and the fork to get the dirt out. I think this covers everything.. Guys, if I missed something let him know.



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I've never had a leaky fork seal, I ride in mud all the time. Been using the NOJ fork protectors (neoprene outerwears) successfully, very little dirt gets in!

696 is on the right track. Either have your dealer do it for free, or take that film and get in there to remove the gunk. Vaseline works good to seal out the muck. Now cover the area if possible with guards, pantyhose, etc to keep the crap out.

when mine start leaking I slide the dust seal down and take a piece of camera flim negetive and slide it up between the shaft and seal then work it around the shaft in an up and down motion it will remove the small particals that make them leak.

Pack some grease between the seal and the dust seal and it will help stop it from leaking again.the grease keeps more dirt from makeing it to the seal.I had a lot of trouble with mine leaking until I learned this trick,haven't had any more trouble since.


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I had a reoccurring leaky seal problem. I installed some "sealsavers" about 2 months ago and have not had the problem since. but it has only been 2 months.

very cheap solution especially if you don't wnat to use grease in there.


Does anyone else use Seal Savers? I've looked at them, I'm just not sure how well they would perform. I'm worried about getting dirt under them and scratching my tube...

Comments Mook? How tight do they fit around the forks? How do they work better than the stock wipers?

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