Replacing springs on 05 WR450

I need to replace the springs on my 05 WR450 to match my weight of about 215 for primarily desert riding. I used the Race Tech website spring calculator to come up with the following:

The stock front springs are .47, Race Tech recommends .469 so shouldn't need to replace them?

The stock rear springs is 5.0, Race Tech recommends 5.44 so replace with 5.6?

Do all of these figures sound correct? If so, I should only need to replace the rear spring with a 5.6?

Thank you.

I've got a Racetech 5.6 if you'd like to buy it. It's brand new in the box. I need a 5.8, so I'll sell it to you for the TT Store price, $100 shipped. If you're interested, p.m. me...SC

i'd go .49 on the front especially for fast riding. i had .49's and had to go to .52's gave the .49's to my buddy on a wr250, he weighs 190 and are perfect for him :thumbsup:you sure the stock spring in the rear was only 5.0? i think my 04 was 5.4..... 5.6 sounds right for you, or you could even go 5.8 for the desert. if you put the.49's in the front i'd go 5.8 rear.

I had my suspesnion done professionally by JM Racing for a rider between 210-230 lbs. The used 48 springs in the front, and a 5.6 shock in the rear. The forks were filled with 125 mm of 5 wt oil. Hope this helps.

What did that cost for your suspension mods?????????????

I believe it was like $700 for the revalving, the springs, and new seals.

:) I just did my springs on my 02 wr 426 for my weight 219.I don't think I needed to revalve they seem to feel AWESOME.I used Kayaba enzo fluid that stuff is real thin My springs are .47 in front 5.6 in rear I hear it depends alot on your riding style also to what rate springs you use.I ride hard but not to hard I like to jump my big O tank though its pretty heavy coming down so thats what I told the guy I ordered from.By the way I bought that factory connection springs. :p:)

$700 seems like a top dollar price. Not to say it was not worth it though, but

I'd think $500 should cover it.

Anyway the 47/48 and 5.6 springs sound good for you @ 215#

I might have a 5.6 laying around if you are interested. Could save you a few $$.

Thank you guys for all the advice. I appreciate the help!

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