The infamous grey wire

I did'nt need a drill just a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.pull hard be careful you dont crack the air box. what do you need the drill for extra mod that i may have missed :)

JDD, what did you use to drill out the rivets to remove the snorkel? A regular drill is to big.

You don't have to drill ANYTHING to remove the airbox snorkel.

Remove the battery, stick a screwdriver between the snorkel and frame, pry inward, and you can pop the snorkel up over the rivets that hold the battery retainer.

You only need the drill to remove the rivets that hold the '05 exhaust restrictor in place.

I have about 60 miles on my 05 WR450 now... The "only" thing I have done is shorten the throttle stop screw. I notice that in 5th gear if I roll the throttle on it will seam to bog.. Almost like it is not getting enough fuel.. If I back it off a bit it will recover.. I ride on the street as well as dirt and is most noticeable on the street like passing the car in front of me.. At first I was thinking Grey wire but after reading this post I'm not so sure that is what it is. My elevation is 6,500' and like I said,, except for the throttle stop,, bone stock.. Could it be starving for more air? I didn't want to do the "free mods" until I have some jets on hand. Any tips would be greatly appreciated..


At your altitude, you'll be okay with the stock jetting and the free mods. I ran at 200ft below sea level at 50-65 degrees (as rich as anyone will need to be except maybe our buddies riding in the tundra) for a couple of months, and while I still had "the bog", performance was good and I didn't damage anything from being too lean.

I just move the needle clip down one notch to richen the mids a bit.

You've got the 450, which has added some smog gear not found on my 250, so you'll need to either buy a needle from an '04, or order a JD kit (which I'd recommend). A YZ cam will really wake up your top end.

You should also look into Lowedog's AIS removal kit (on the TT store).

In stock form, it was "okay", but suffered badly in 5th. Under hard acceleration, it was a bit slow, but steady running 1st through 4th, but after revving out in 4th, there was no further acceleration in 5th. It probably maxed out at 55 or 60.

Did all of the free mods at the same time, so I can't say what did what, but other than the off-idle bog, it completely woke up.

After going to a 42 leak jet, the bog is significantly reduced. The ACV mod seemed to completely eliminate the bog under all conditions except when sitting on the stand at idle and whacking to a full WOT (which I'd never do on the trail). The difference in the bog under this condition is it is now slow to respond, whereas stock, it would die.

Thanks for info Rich,, I'm going to head down now and start by opening up the airbox first and then do a test ride to see how it goes before doing the rest.. I'll let you know how it works out..

Norm... 05 WR450F

I'd hold off on opening the airbox until you have jets available.

You might be okay at 6500ft. I went from my stock 168 to a 180 when I opened the airbox and installed a YZ pipe.

Hi.I m the happy oner of a wr450f 2004 .I have the europian model .Can u please tell me if the grey wire have effect to my bike? If you reply to me im gonna buy you 1 raki (local traditional boose of my village in Crete Greece)to all off u.Thanx

Your bike does NOT have a gray wire. Only the US model does.

A long time ago, when the jetting was a disaster on the 98 / 99 and???, this gray wire was found to be part of the culprit in (mis-diagnosed) jetting issues.

I know Dirt Bike rag ALWAYS disconnects the "infamous" gray wire mod.

BTW, they learned that from this website.

The Editor of Dirt Rider (Jimmy Lewis?) has been a long time member here!

Your bike does NOT have a gray wire. Only the US model does.

This is changing. '05 Canadian models have been "Californicated".

thank you boys i think is a gray wire onmanuals wiring diagram i will check it on bike thanks again.

I have checked my cdi and the model is 5jt-60(43k) .My cdi has the grey wire .my cdi has 3 plugs .in one of them has the grey wire.So ... I think maby is the same as yours .What u sagest me to do.cut it off?Is this safe for my cdi ?Is this dagerous for my cid ?becose here in greece costs more than 600$ .And if is riscky is this worth it for the diferent of power ?

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