Race Radio Helmet Kits

Anyone out there know of an alternate to the Baja Designs $185 helmet headset?

I'm looking for a complete rider to pit system for desert racing. Any ideas?

I'm running a modified Motocomm sets. Rip out the mic and replace it with a M101 cartrage from an online avionics site. Prices vary, I got the my last two for $20.00 bucks each. Sometimes you can find them at surplus stores in o2 masks, gas masks and aircraft headsets. The problem with the electret that comes with the set is anything over about 96-98 db (read aftermarket exhaust) causes the mic to "flutter". When you transmit, it sounds like wind noise. I set up four rigs and put them it my buddies helmets (they are too cheap to buy their own) when we do long or difficult rides. They install with velcro and take about 5-10 min to put in. I use Home Depot cell phone belt cases for the radios (modified Icom v-8s) and ziptie them to their chest protectors. If your bike isn't real loud, or you only transmit when off the throttle, you can get by with the stock mic, just some "thumping" background noise. I think the Motocomm set is about 50-60 bucks online . Good luck!

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