yoshimura rs -3 and no re-jet?

I ordered the Yoshimura Rs-3 slip-on. I asked the dealer about re-jetting. He told me that it wouldn't need a re-jet. I don't know musch about off-road bikes, but my road bikes always run better with a good pipe and a rejet. What do you guys think?

I had to rejet. I was fine at higher elevations but popping like crazy at 1500 ft elevation. I went to a 168 and I think I need to go to a 170. Still pops a little bit on the desert floor. Most of my rides are through elevations from 1500-8000, so it's a nice middle ground for me.

I too have the Yoshi RS3

Hope that helps! :)

How do you like your Yoshi? Noticeable power gain? Thanks

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