WR exhaust on a YZ

Will the 2001 WR426 spark arrestor fit on a 2001 YZ426? Thanks.

I hope so I just bought 1 on ebay. I am trying to get quiet cheep-cheep.

You'll have to let us know if it works....

I should have it by Monday. I will let you know :)

Yikes, power is going to dive with a WR pipe, its like a beer can with a pinky hole exahust.

I know it will kill the power a bit but I currently have an old White Bros E series. I have repacked it and installed a quiet baffle and am still at 98dB. In order to participate in an upcoming race I need to be under 96. I have recently done a ton of work to my bike ($$$$) and cannot afford the Q pipe and the power bomb before then. This is a cheap way to go to give cross country racing a try. Hopefully it won't be too bad on power. :)

i have the entire front to back WR exhaust on my YZ400 fits fine............it has a removable baffle.....i almost can't ride it with the baffle in...bogs too much...so i just put it in for sound checks....:) then remove it for race ...shhhh :)

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