98 yz dies, need info on fuel screw?!?

what's up, i just got a 98 yz 400 that has had an idle problem. i posted here a while back about it and got some different possible solutions. basically, it idles for about 1 minute, then acts like it runs out of gas. but will always start on the first kick after dieing, as long as i use the hot start knob. other than that, it runs good, although, sometimes it will die when immediately cracking the throttle and abruptly let off, like during a tight woods section, which i have heard may be normal, although i have not really got a good explanation for why it's normal. but lets get to the fuel screw. i keep hearing about how hard it is to access this screw, and that it may be the culprit for my idleing problems. my particular bike has a small T protruding from the bottom of the carb, near the drain plug on the bottom of the bowl. is this my fuel screw, and does anybody have any info on why my bike has a T, and others have a screw??

thanx to anyone with some info...

Someone added the T to your fuel screw. There are several after market fuel screw related devices, the T handle is one of them. From what I have read and heard of the earlier bikes, save your frustration and just drop some cash on an Edlebrock carb. Talk to YZFan. I ride with him and from what he tells me the Edlebrock carb is stellar on the 400.

Are those very expensive ?? I have a '98 400 with the same problem. :)

I'm not sure. Search for posts by YZFan to see which carb he got and how much it was. He got it new on Ebay but I don't remember the price he paid.

thanx for all the info everyone, i'll let you know how everything works out.

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