I can finally turn!!!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and put a Dunlop 756 on the front and raised the fork tubes up 12mm (measured form the top of the cap, not the top of the hex on the cap). Damn the blue bike actually turns. I didn't have time to check/reset the sag but it can only get better - I hope. What a difference a front tire makes - it actually felt like it wanted to stay on the trail :)

I think I'll save the stock tires for the next Moab trip....maybe next spring.


Is raising the fork tubes something that is highly recommended?

This is a mod we do to street bikes to improve steering with great results.

Will this affect suspension travel/ground clearance?



I am actually surprised you kept that 739 on the front this long. I know Dunlop calls it a intermediate terrain tire, but I thought the thing sucked pretty much everywhere. The 739 is OK in the rock of Moab, as is the 739 rear. I went through 1.5 tires in Moab (new 756 rear semi worn by the end of the 4 days).


Raising the forks is highly recommended for riding everywhere w/ the exception of high speed desert conditions IMHO. Other than quicker turning, nothing else is affected.



'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.


I should have gotten rid of the 739 front a long time ago but since I ride slow most of the time the 739 hasn't been a big problem - till now. Since I've been riding with faster folks the last couple of times the shortfalls of the 739 started to show thru - even with my limited ability. The 739 rear isn't too bad but I'll be ordering a 756 rear today.

The XR250 still has the same rear tire as it had at Moab, MT21. 250cc of four-stroke power just doesn't wear out tires :)


Thanks, I'll do it this weekend.


Great posts. My bike is currently handling no better than my daughters Fisher-Price trike.

Over the weekend, my WR was refusing to turn in corners. I almost overshot 10 turns that I can remember. It got so bad, I thought about heading home to try and do something about it. If I hadnt been completely lost in these particular trails, I would have split.

I am going to check out some new front springs for the ride. What do you guys recommend for a 226 lb rider? Would .46's be too hard? I try to punish the bike most of the time, so I dont caree about it being too hard-I can always soften them up some. My stock tires seemed to be a little slippery-would 756 up front help in muddy, sandy trails? The front end never seemed to track like it should.

Hey Wayne-

You should email sometime again (Mike from Columbus) and I'll give you some tips on the bike for Ohio conditions.

I believe the WR has .46 springs stock. You may want to try .47 for your weight.

Let's hookup and ride sometime.

I think I went to .48s in the front - I weigh 250#. I used the selection guide on Race Techs site. I can check the box tonight.


Mike- Thanks, a ride sounds good.

It does come w/ .46's so 47's may be in order. I want to try everything before I buy them.

Bri-Im goingover to the Race Tech site to check it out. Thanks.


Now Im gonna have to take a perfectly good (tread wise) tire off my bike and go get new ones,,,, oh well, if its worth it Ill do it. I had alot of trouble with the bike with the 739 on it untill I got the front suspension working right and dialed in a good tire pressure. The tire still pushes untill it warms up a bit. I have my tubes dropped about 15mm, it dose not effect travel, makes the wheel base a bit shorter for quicker handeling, but not noticed nearly as much as on a street bike. For me it just helps me get a better grip on the front of the bike and lower the CG.

Dose it effect the ground clearance? Well, yes,,, by 15mm :) .

I thought that rasing the fork tubes was a good mod for the 98/99 WR but not nessesary for the 00/01. Should I give it a try on my 2000?

The '00 had the 'faster' steering due to a steeper head tube angle (I think). I can't imagine that raising the fork tubes would cause any problem, except maybe a little headshake if the conditions are right. I have a Scotts damper on my '99 so I shouldn't be a candidate for headshake. Don't you have to ride fast to get headshake? Then I'll never have a problem :)


Anyone with a 00/01 have there fork tubes raised? If so, with what results?

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