Rookie in need of help!

I'm 195 lbs and 50 yrs old and new to riding I want to do some trail riding, and get to work.(5 miles) I have been looking at the Yamaha dual purpose 250. XT model with 6 gears. Anyone know about this bike, and or opinions welcome. thanks :):)

I haven't heard much about the XT models, but what I've heard or read doesn't lead me to believe that you would get a whole lot of satisfaction from that particular line of bikes. The Suzuki DR-Z400S is considered a good dual sport bike, although it is quite a bit more bike and money than the XT. A lot of folks put dual sport kits on enduro type bikes, such as the Honda CRFX or the WR.

XT250 would be a used bike. The only XT made now is the 225 and its not much of a trail bike. Better suited for riding around a camp ground or back roads around town. Real short bike etc. The best factory off road dual sport has to be the Suzuki DRZ400S or the green equivalent, the KLX400SR. These are both dual sports built from an off road chassis. Other dual sports would be the Zook DR650, or the most popular dual sport on the planet, the Kawasaki KLR650 which I just happen to own, but would never ride in on trails. Its pretty heavy (330 lbs or so) but then again, the XT225 may be just what your looking for. I see you are on your first post. Welcome to TT :)

I had an old XT 350, what a great bike. Not the off roader my WR is, but it was not a total loss off road either. Alot of farmers run the XT for irragation and such. It goes good down the road and can handle light duty off road chores. Good luck.

Do you get a street legal TTR250 in the States? We do here in SA and it would perfectly suit your needs.

I have an '03 XT225 I bought for the woman. I found a great deal on it in a used ad magazine sold in my area.

Its a bit under powered. The thing nice about it, is its low to the ground, and when I ride it (5'11", 190 lbs) its like riding my old bikes from when I was 8 yrs old. :) So, it is really good for a beginner, but I wouldn't recommend it for a large male beginner.

Its heavy. If I remember correctly, its something like 10 pounds lighter than my 05 wr450. Its also really picky about starting. It only has the e-start button (no kicker), and unless its 70F outside, the thing won't start. Since its the woman's bike, I haven't been too eager to re-jet the carb yet - she needs to learn on it while it is underpowered before I start making it fast. But, a kicker is available from Yamaha for about $100 to add to it.

All in all, I'm not disappointed with it. Its fun to take out every now and then and do a little trail riding with it around the farm, and its perfect for a 5'4" 120 lbs woman, but not for me. :)

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