wr450 mid-throttle hesitation and airbox "burps"....????

I just installed jd kit (170 mj, red needle 3rd clip, 48 pilot) and zip-ty fuel screw. I've done all the free mods and put on a white bros. e2 silencer. I'm getting a hesitation from about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. It feels like the engine is running rough in this range. Also, hear little "burps" or "blips" when idling coming from air box. Any suggestions?

I have a similar issue, to a lesser extent, with mine. A little sputtering but still powerful in the mid range. I'm at red needle #4 165 main stock pilot all the free mods and a Dr. D pipe.

If it was running properly prior to the jetting changes, then the following does not apply, but...

If it's at steady state throttle, I.E. something that you would notice on a road, but not under load in the woods, then it might be the TPS issue. I can't really comment on the '05, but on my '04 I had the same issue until I disconnected it. I hadn't noticed it until I did an AMA Dual Sport ride were we had some gravel roads connecting trails. After reading what others had said here, I tried riding with the TPS disconnected, and that smoothed it out nicely. Easy to try if you run out of ideas.

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