Which FMF Pipe?

I'm going to pick the Powercore4 with quiet core insert, because I have that set up! ;D

Ditto. I have the same set up! :)

hey indy, do you have a powerbomb with that or are you running a stock header? i really value your advice. thanks :)

looks like the mega bomb is more about noise than power,i'll stick with my powerbomb :)

hey indy, do you have a powerbomb with that or are you running a stock header? i really value your advice. thanks :)

I have the SS Powerbomb SX version for more bottom end. :)

Where's the cheapist place to buy a PC4?

I ordered a PowerCore 4 with the Quiet Insert from RockyMountain last week. $242 with free shipping. 3 days later it was on my doorstep.

Saves 5 lbs over stock and went on in a snap.

I have been on 2 rides since and have nothing but good things to say about the added performance.

The gains are across the board, but you can definitely tune the power by adding thin aluminum plates with a different sized hole. I made a plate with 1.75 hole a gained huge low end response. It actually eliminated the need for a gear change at slower speeds.

I haven't run the Quiet insert yet.

Thanks thats not bad. How are all you guys doing? I haven't been around much lately was called to active duty at the end of Jan. Been training and only able to use the computer for 30 min at a time and trying search for the sites are a b@#$&. I'm getting a week off coming soon and a friend is going to try and have my bike ready for when I get home. :) Need to get the pipe ordered. You've saved me some time for sure. Thanks

Welcome back Treebark! We have been riding our tails off while you have been in the service! :) If you are back home on the weekend of May 14th,15th come and join 15 TT members on our TT midwest spring ride at Chadwick, MO. Be sure to join us if you can! :)

I have a powercore 4 with the "silent" insert. It measured over 94 db at idle (20 inches away at 45 degree angle according to info in the thumperfaq). When I revved it, it was over 100. I had to borrow our safety person as he had and ran the meter so it was hard to get an accurate reading. He was not too enthused and I only wanted a ballpark figure.

The bike never sounded that loud to me. I got a second insert to fiddle with so I can get the sound to 92db for a trip to a state that has a noise limit. Next time, I am going to measure the sound at my ear to see if OSHA would require ear plugs with an unmodified silent insert. Just curious.

Ditto. I have the same set up! :p

And if Indy has it, it has to be the best option. He does done all the R&D, I jump in and ask what he uses (what I need :) ), and buy it! Save me lots of time and money too, in addition to getting the best option the first time! Almost feels like "I'm cheating" :)

jeez,i wonder where indy does his R&D? :)

jeez,i wonder where indy does his R&D? :o

Right on the trail. What, did you think he had some kind of lab with bubbling bottles of green stuff, an assistant with a hunchback, and a sinister laugh? :):) He doesnt have time for a lab, he is always on the trail. :p:D:D

Looked at Rocky mountain and they are out of stock and want $269. Anyone else have suggestions?

jeez,i wonder where indy does his R&D? :)

You know I dont do much R&D that is why I let you reseach and develop the best mod solutions and I just ride and buy what you test out and prove. :p

What are buddies for! :)


Are you sure that you got the Quiet Insert?

You have to order the insert separate from the Powercore4. It's like $27.

It doesn't sound (no pun intended) like you got the "Insert".

The Insert is a flat oval plate with a 1 inch hole and a 6 or 8 inch tube welded to the hole.

Team11moto.com has 'em for $249. That's where I bought my Q and Powerbomb (and a bunch of other stuff). They've been good to me.

no question.. Powercore 4

I see 3 off them, PC4, PC4 SA, PC 4Q, which one do you use Alabama_rider. I'm on a 03 450 with a FMF PB SS header. :)

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