Which FMF Pipe?

PC-4 and PC-4 SA are the same pipe except for the spark arrestor(SA) ,the PC-4Q is just that the"Q". the PC-4SA has one of the most free flowing spark arrestors made. and are required(spark arrestors) for all national/state forests :)

If it were me I would just get the FMF Q. I also live in California so I know all about the noise level. My brother put one on his 03 Crf 450 and my dad's friend put one on his 03 wr 450. I have an 04 Wr 450 and i was thinking about buying a Q over the summer but I'll just stick to the GYTR insert. My brother researched the pipes and the Q will pass the sound test. Go with the Q and the powerbomd header. You'll be happy

Any of you California guys with the Powercore 4 ever been tested by rangers and passed? I'm getting the impression that it might be marginal on 96db even with the quiet insert. Also, I assume you can use the PC 4 with the stock header, no? I'm thinking I'd like to get the PC 4 for desert and then throw the stocker with PMB insert back on for National Forest areas. Is this a reasonable strategy or does the PC 4 need a matching FMF header to realize its potential? :)

Get the PC4 and the quiet core insert. You can always quiet it down even more by squeezing the tip of the quiet core insert down to a smaller effective opening or add a small end cap to the tip. You wont be able to see it form the outside and you can remove it when you want performance. :) Make sure you get the sparky insert as well for Forest trails. :)

So I take it there are no issues with using the PC4 with a stock header? :)

it fits the stock header :)

well i got nothing but good things to say about my power bomb header and powercore 4 muffler, the power core gave a sweet deep sound but was pretty loud, but the power bomb toned it down a little, and performance is great! but dam these bikes run hot! n-e tips on cooling em down, i am about to order a IMS radiator. but im gonna be adding this fluid to my radiator called VP COOL DOWN, it said it gurantees to drop engine temp by 20%?!?! we'll see bout that.

its probably a surfactant like water wetter,i've been using a product called two2cool oil additive,friction modifier free. safe for wet clutches it really works well. i use it with the new delo400 15-40 and evans waterless coolant. for the first time since i've owned it actually runs cool!! :)

I found the PC4 S/A for $219 at motorcycleproshops.com if anyone is looking.

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