Edelbrock Qwiksilver carburetor for XR650L is finally here!!!

Say buddy, don't you have a Edelbrock :p carburetor? :D:D:o So, how did my dust taste like? :) (By the way thanks for the major help on getting the winning bike, and making it so road worthy!!!) :)

I'm not trying to sound too confused here buuuut... You guys are stoked that you can buy something for over three hundred dollars and it'll give you two more horsepower? Don't get me wrong, and increase in power is always good, but just how noticeable is two horsepower??

How much better is this Edelbrock than the stock carb with the recipe ,is it worth $350


A good pipe and filter adds around 3-5 hp

if this carb adds 2 hp..not too bad

remember the stock hp on a XR650l is like 25-30?

so its a good increase in percentage and likely well worth it and easily felt ')

My 650L with a big 'ol spoiler on the back, euro lights and nitrous will whoop all your bikes LOL.hehehe :):)

Its all about throttle response for me- Immediate hit with no lag.

Great for the tighter stuff, like getting the front wheel up over logs after a sharp corner.

Plus the gains at higher revs are always welcome.

XRL rider- thanks thats what i was wondering, no more burping from no throttle? that has gotten me into troublr more than once. now if ican just get a 650....

Biggity are you there????

:):p Only 4 left - picked up one just b4 the auction closed, can't wait. :) I'll let you know how easy it is to set up and the how well it runs.


Ok...........It has been a year and 9 months. The suspense is killing me. How was the install and how does it run?? Thanks..Lumpy

Lumpy - here's the low down after over a year. Since the choke is eliminated - all you do is twist the throttle twice and she starts right up - no matter what weather there is. It always runs perfect and is a good reason while I will never sell this bike. She has 10,000 miles since new and never lets me down. The only downside is that you really have to twist the throttle more to get to WOT. I wonder if they make a replacement throttle cam that will allow WOT with not so much twisting on the throttle. The idle adjustment is on a cable that I have hanging off to the side - that if I need/or choose to - can adjust it sitting at a stoplight if need be. Way easy. So much better than the stock carb - and it's bullet proof.

As to the install - done in less than an hour - running the cables was the most time consuming part. The carb was set up perfect from Barnum.

How Much???

got mine at barnumspro.com for about $400 delivered to my door.

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