Range on Stock Tank?

How many miles can I get on my stock tank? :) (05 WR450F) I know it will be dependent on the type of riding, but I am looking for best / worst case. 50 - 75 miles??? Thanks.

I rode 50 miles and had about 1/3 left. I'm thinking 75-85??

I think its 2.1 + 0.2 resv. So, 2.3 gal times 40 mpg about 90? Just guessing.

I am thinking in the mid 60s...i usually ride enduros (more than trail riding) and fill er up after the 1st loop and those run upwords of 40 miles each loop...and I usually have less than 1/4 tank left (or so it seems). I doubt were getting better than 40 mpg...probably more in the mid 30s...some day I will know for sure, i just hope its near camp.

last week end just play Riding I got 53 miles and got towed back the last 5 the new IMS is tank is now on the bike

fish525. That is what I was looking for. Just didn't want it to be me getting pulled back to the rig. Way to take one for the team. :) I have done 42 miles with some pretty good hill climbs and my fuel was pretty low when I got back to the truck.

I've made a full stock tank last 110 miles......twice. :)

Hard riding on the WR450 is 25 mpg! :) Cruising on fire roads is about 40 mpg. :)

I've had similar experience on both my '04 and my '01. If your riding hard 26 mpg and if your really light on the throttle maybe 40mpg.

I find that my "Ineedabeer" light comes on before the tank runs dry. So I'm yet to run all the way out. :)

last week end just play Riding I got 53 miles and got towed back the last 5 the new IMS tank is now on the bike

OK that was president day the very next weekend I raced a H&H loop one 41 miles had 1/3 of a tank after loop 2 44miles I ran out 200 feet from the finish the first loop was way faster than the second it seams at higher speeds it gets better milage

I have a 01 wr 426 with 15/51 sprockets it gets 29mpg in the dirt with a fairly hard ride.My brother has a 03 yz450 it get 45 mile to the tank on the same ride ...the tank is 1.9 gal so about 22mpg. THESE ARE THE FACTS!!!

So reserve is .2 gallons? 5 - 8 miles?

According to this article, Yamaha promises a 60-70 mile range on a WR450F. I sure hope so? I don't want to modify the tank too! :)


Any body else run the tank AND reserve dry and record the miles?

That is the 2003/2004 models with 2.6 gallon tanks. The all new smaller 2005 WR450 has a 2.1 gallon tank and will only get around 50-60 miles. :)


Thanks for pointing that out! I really need 60 mile range, so here goes another mod :)

I rode around 70+ miles on Sunday. Still had gas left in the tank and never had to switch to reserve. Pretty much fire road riding the whole time though. It did make me nervous when I'd gone about 50 miles though and didn't know if I could make it back.

I couldn't handle the stress,2.1 gal is just a tad to small, so I bought the Ascerbis 3.3 tank, couldn't feel the difference with it on, and its natural color lets you see the amount left while your riding. 200$ :) but I don't think I will ever run out of gas :)

My 04 WR will get at least 55-60 miles out of a tank (2.6 gallon) before I hit reserve.

I can easily get over 100 miles on my Acerbis 3.4. My buddy has a 99 YZ400 and he was at "bingo" fuel after 20 miles the other day. I had 2/3 of a tank left when we got back...total mileage 43.4. It was all fast desert riding with lots of hills and whoops. Next to the Scotts triple clamp and damper, it is the best addition to my bike. He's bolting one on before this weekend..SC

This past Saturday I rode some nasty dry creeks, rocky hills, single track and power lines all interconnected by fast fire road. We rode like "we were running from a fire" as one of the guys in our group said, and stopped for a refuel at lunch. Results= 48 miles, 1.5 gallons. I run a Recluse Z-start with perch adjuster, and ran 2nd and 3rd gear most of the time. I never hit reserve, but it would obviously be nice to have more capacity for longer rides, even though most rides are under 50 miles, for me, between refuels.

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