650r gearing

I'm currently running the stock gearing of 14/48 and i just ordered sprockets to make it 13/51. where i ride i never get into fourth and fifth gear. What do you guys run? I would like to hear your input. Thanks

bloody hell :p 13/51 you will spend all you time on the back wheel


I run 15/46 on road wheels and 15/48 on dirt wheels :)

i switch back and forth between 14/48 and 13/48 depending on where iam riding - i like the 14/48 for 90% of the areas i ride mostly desert and i put the 13t on when i know i will be mostly trail riding in tighter single track hill climb like stuff

jeff :)

Just changed my sprocket's and chain a week or so ago..... :)

Front is 14 and rear is 50, really like the change, Much better for the trail's I ride......... :)

13/50 :):)

Thanks for the input guys. I will let you know how the 13/51 works out. Hopefully i will not have to buy a rear fender.

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