timing chain

ok need advice on replacing timing chain.......i guess i have to remove the flywheel and stator right? to get the chain off the lower sprocket? Ive already got the top off, cam chain tensioner off, cam caps off(to inspect cam shafts, lobes etc)...........ive got a wire around the old cam shaft chain so it doesn't fall in according to manual.........

just gonna order the new chain..........what about sprockets what am i looking for on them....they look OK....

You probably won't find any wear on the cam sprockets to speak of. You will likely see some on the crank sprocket, though, and you just have to use your own judgment as to how bad it is, or get someone to look at it. Some is acceptable.

Yes, pull the flywheel and stator, and the two bolts in the bottom of the chain tensioner shoe. Run the chain down a ways until you can swing it past the end of the crank, and haul it out. Be sure that you keep the slack out of the new chain until the tensioner shoe is back in place. Not too tough, really. :)

thats great, thanx...............so i assume i will be able to inspect the lower sprocket once the flywheel and stator is off then????

Once you get the chain off you will be able to inspect the lower sprocket. Don't worry about the wire as the chain will be coming out the bottom anyway. Don't forget to medium locktite the 2 bolts holding the lower tensioner/guide in place.

As the chain can't come off the lower sprocket anyway(unless the guide is bent out of shape), don't even worry about messing with the wire for the chain when assembling. Just leave it in the bottom till you need it and pull it up with a magnet. Tdub

when putting the cam shafts back in and the NEW chain on the cam lobes should be lined up at TDC right? thats where the engine is at right now.......when i remove the flywheel and stator do i have to worry about disturbing TDC...does it matter? sorry first time doing this........not a mechanic either but i know when in the manual it said when removing chain put engine at TDC.....

thanx does that make any sense what im asking, basically i don't want to scew up any timing!!! how do i know its right when its done???

Since there's no way to lock the engine in place at TDC, the only way to be sure it's there when you time the cams is to reassemble the ignition components and reinstall the cover. That's the only readable indicator of TDC that you have unless you remove the spark plug and check it with a small screwdriver or other probe.

My caution about the chain slack was only up to the time that the tensioner shoe is reinstalled, since once that's in place, the chain cannot "loop" off the bottom of the crank sprocket unless you do something foolish, like spin the engine with the cams disconnected and the chain unsupported.

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