frame guards or clear vinyl?

After seeing some of the very, very clean WRs on this forum, I am ashamed that my bike already has the paint wearing off where my boots rub and where my skid plate mounts...anyone know of a good frame gaurd that acts like a sticker instead of the kind that bolt or zip into place...this would be like comparing a plastic bedliner to a spray in type...the plastic still vibrates and wears the paint underneath even though you cant see it.

How about grip tape for scateboards?

where to get the clear vinyl that Ive seen out there but never thought to ask when I did see it?

One Industries sells clear and/or black grip tape sheets. Just cut to fit. Make sure if you go up the frame to cut wedges in the sides of your strip so it will lay flat around the tube. Also, get some PJ1 Yamaha blue touch up paint for your wear spots. You'll be back to new in no time!

i appreciate the feedback...i was planning on picking up some touch up tonight...

If you want clear vinyl then use number plate backing. You can buy it in 11x17 sheets for $5.

Personally, I use the black grip tape (2" roll from Home Depot). It contrasts with the blue frame very nicely and it comes off when you want to change out for a new piece. $10 roll lasts me a couple years.

I was thinking about this one the other day and I had an idea that I wanted to bounce off everyone. Instead of the grip tape, why not role on some of that Herculiner stuff for pick up truck beds? I know it comes in different colors and is supposed to be tough as nails,

The grip tape I use wears itself out and not my boots but that 2-part epoxy bedliner would each your boots for lunch. Good idea though.

Hey, maybe you could line your frame AND your boots. :)

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I remember a KX250 came stock with that.

Tell ya what, I have a buddy that owns a Rhino bedliner franchise. I'll get a sample and let you know how it works/doesnt work..........on my boots that is. :)

I put the Lowe's grip tape on first and in a few high pressure areas it wore through in two rides. On the Aluminum sub frame I put on aluminum foil tape. I just put the $20 GYTR Yamaha plastics guards over the grip tape and it is working well. :)

i ordered the one ind tape and vinyl last week...will see how it does...

Buy the WorksConnections frame guards. They fit perfect install in minutes and protect not only your frame but also rear brake master cylinder, You still might need the grip tape. :)

Question: We did this as kids for handlebars and for different reasons. Why not take black electric tape and wrap it around the frame. It's cheap, when it wears, get a new roll. Cheap. Now, it may look cheezy, but, it protects the frame.

Another option for all these types of applications is that adhesive clear vinyl you can buy from auto accessory shops that is designed to cover/protect headlights on cars.

It's really sticky !!

You can cut it into any shape you like.

If you need to bend it a bit then use a hair-dryer.


Can it be removed easily without destroying the paint?

To be honest I've never had to try to remove it but I'm sure the hair-dryer would soften it enough to make it come off easily.

I have an '08 WR450F, so it has the aluminium frame, no paint.

I have put it over my headlight lens as extra insurance against breakage

and intend to put it along my swingarm to help prevent scratching.

(I have Polisport plastics so I don't have to worry about the plastics on the bike otherwise I'd put it there too. The OEM plastics are in my workshop.)


Wrap the frame in electrical tape if you feel you need to protect it from the covers and get the UFO frame guards (they weigh almost nothing) and are the only ones I know of that will protect the curved portion of the frame right at the bottom of the tank that ALWAYS wear. I also put soft rubber buttons (like you have on your kitchen cabinets but a little thinner) on the frame to elevate the guards off the frame a little to minimize surface contact and allow airflow to reduce moisture buildup between the 2 surfaces.


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