Hydration Packs

Any guidance on hydration packs for woods/emduro riding? I bought a camelback lobo, but I don't think that it has much storage. Thanks

I have several, a Camelback and its jsut a bladder for drinks. I also have an Oneil one with 70oz capacity and its also a pack, I use to haul in energy bars, snacks, some extra tools, map, digital camera etc.

Camelback H.A.W.G., it has 100oz and lots of storage. :) 85-95 fun tokens. :)

I have 3 different ones. A Camelback LOBO (small) for riding when I'm close to the truck. A Camelback MULE (Medium) this is the one I use most. And a larger snowboarding backpack w/ 100 oz. blader I use when it's cold for extra clothes or for tools, food and fuel when I'm going real far out in the boonies.

My friend bought/uses the FOX brand hydration unit and if I had to have just one I'd buy that unit. It's waterproof and is a well thought out design with Medium storage capabilities. :)

I have a Thor unit with a camelback blader for short rides. It has just one sall pocket on it for a power bar or small stuff. Its great for sort rides.

Then I have a backpack style that I got at Sams club for $18. I put a camelback bladder in that one also. That is nice for longer all day rides were I can stuff some food and spare gloves/gogles in it.

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