Help!! Need info on hot start

I was looking over my bike to get it ready to ride this weekend when I found that the hot start cable is broken where it goes into the carb. The black plastic fitting is broken off flush with the carb. (threads are broken off into carb body) The inner cable is still connected, but it looks like it would be a big air leak.

I need to try and get one asap. Do the aftermarket hot starts come with the whole cable or just a thumb lever for the handlebars??

Thanks, I forgot about Zipty. I looked at dubach, but they do not offer that piece.

You may be able to get the old piece out by heating a screwdriver then pushing it into the broken piece to make a screwdriver slot then pull the screwdriver out letting it cool down for a minute then use it to unscrew.

go to zipty racing. they have what your looking for.


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