Trying to decide between xr 400, xr 600

The choices are:

1997 xr 600, in storage for last 5 years.....good shape $2,500


2003 xr400 bored out to 440, "Edellbrook?" carb good shape $ 3,400


new 2005 xr 650.....well, just a bit more $$$$$$$$$

Raced MX years ago in Europe...250 2 my late 20' early 40's, yet in great shape, 6"4" 195lbs, life weight 3x per week + cardio...heard that that comes in handy with the XR650. Would love to get back into the sport here in N. CA. Fire trails, woods, desert...think that the power of the larger 4 strokes is very "usable" and less wearing. Prefer something to grow into rather than grow out of...Heard good things about the wr426 and 450...not sure what years to look into in any of these bikes...Also, any advice as to riding areas/buddies to ride with in N. CA would be wonderful!

Thanks so much for your time, Joe

You want to do alot of different things with your bike and I figure whatever you want to do the most now and in the future will determine what would be best. If the majority of your riding will be desert, dirt roads, and open areas, then I would lean toward a 600 or 650R. The modded 440 is slightly smaller than either of the others and will be a little lighter and more maneuverable, but wont have quite the wide-open power or stability.

I only have experience with a 250L and my current 600R, but from what numerous people have said in here, the 650R doesnt feel like a 320lb bike and actally handles better than a 600. I personally prefer aircooled 4-strokes, so I'm happy with my dinosaur.

Check out the Southwest forum for people to ride with in your area.

I've had both . I'm 210# and would vote for the 600 . I really didn't like the 400. The 600 is a better all around bike for me anyway. I've also had a xr 650 fun bike . I know this is a Honda forum , but don't overlook the drz .

the saying goes, there's no Replacement for Displacement........ :)

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