Question about WB E series exhaust.

Ok, I have the WB E series exhaust. I'm not sure about the technical name, but the end of the pipe has what I believe is a spark arrest. This is a series of fins or discs at the end of the silencer.

Instead of the exhaust shooting directly out the back, it escapes between these fins or disc in all directions around the silencer.

Ok, so, can I remove this and allow the exhaust to port out the rear? What is the purpose of these fins or discs?

If I can remove it, will this hurt performance?

Thanks in advance


The WB E-Series is a tunable exhaust system. The disk that you refer to can be removed. This system is designed to vent the exhaust through the spaces in the disk as you noted. This exhaust comes with 12 disk. With 12 disk in you will gain top end performance but it is loud. If you remove disk you will reduce top end slightly but make it quieter. If you open the end cap which is possible you will be running with the equivalent of straight through exhaust. VERY LOUD and no spark arrestor. Granted you may not need a spark arrestor but aside from that, there is no real advantage unless you do some serious tweaking with jetting and so on. You didn't tell us what kind of bike you have. But, if you have a WR400/426 or a YZ equivalent you should leave it the way it is. You also did not mention why you want to modify it. Is the pipe not working for you? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? My bike runs fantastic with this exhaust system. I did remove some disk to quiet it down a little. I like the fact that I can do that. If it becomes necessary I can even remove more disk to quiet it down even more. Or, if I am in the Arizona desert miles from sensitive ears I can add all 12 disk to get maximum bang with out re-jetting. Unless you are trying to solve a specific problem leave it alone and be happy! WB does market an end cap that opens up. Consult their web site for more information. Good Luck!

Sorry for not providing more info. I have a 2001 WR250F. I bought it used and it had the pipe already mounted.

I haven't had a chance to see if there are any real performance issues to deal with yet. The bike is still clean, and I've only ridden it down the street a few time, but it seems to pull very well.

I've never used this type of exhaust before, and that is the reason for my questions.

Just figured it would be better for the exhaust to flow out the rear, freely. Maybe I was wrong.

I too live in Arizona. Phoenix area. Where are you at?

I've ridden my buddies WR400 with a YZ pipe and my WR250 is louder by a long shot. The noise doesn't bother me though, kind of like to be honest, but just a little to raspy. Would rather have a deep bass thumb like my TL1000R has. Bump Bump Bump Bump....LOL


Armourbl, I live in California. But, I have been to Arizona many times never to ride though! :) Take care, P

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