YZ400F tires?

Hi guys,

I have a 99 YZ400F and ride all day when I go out ridding :D . I have 739's front and rear and cant say that im too happy with them ;):):):p:D:D:o . Its like every ride I need a new back tire. The front goes about every 3 rides :D . Do any of you guys have any recommendations on some intermidiate/hard terrain tires for So. Cal riding?

my 739 rear wears out really quickly too. it's very disappointing. :)

I always run the bridgestone tires on my 426. They last a long time compared to some dunlops I ran in the past. I have the Bridgestone M602 on the rear and this is by far the longest lasting tire I have ever used. I cant remember what I got on the front though. But if your in the sand alot, this isnt the best tire for it. I guess thats the price you have to pay, either run the soft compound tires and go through a few sets or put the intermediate/hard pack tires on and suffer in the sand.

i ve got a yz250 smoker and i almost always runa soft terrain tire front and rear. allmost all my riding is desert. right now i've got a dunlop 752 front and 756 rear. the 752 front has been on for at least 12 rides. the 756 rear about 6. i used to run a 752 rear which i think lasted a little better than the 756. i also think tire pressure may play a part in how long your tire lasts. i usually run 15psi front 14psi rear. that setup works well for me, and i have only pinch flatted once. that was because i landed on a small rock ledge after a jump. :) good luck finding the right combination of tires, they get expensive quick.

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