General Mechanical stuff....

I stop in this forum at least once per day. I love reading about the latest parts, the new ideas, and motorcycling in general. I really appreciate all of you and your ideas. Still, I hope were not forgetting basics during our search for motorcycle perfection.

I volunteered to work on my friends bike this week, The 2002 CR 80 (bought new in mid 03) belongs to his son. It gets ridded weekly, but overall appeared to be in good shape and was VERY clean. Thats the first clue. Dad owns a pressurewasher.

I completly rebuilt the motor. I found at least 2 cups of sand throughout the engine and intake. Too little filter oil used. An honest mistake. Cost for new parts, including cylinder...375.00. By this time the "Mechanic" got very demanding. I refused to touch the bike again unless he showed up with the MÖTLEY CRÜE box set "Music to crash your car to" cost 75.00 (but worth every penny).

I decided to be a good friend and lube all the linkages and swingarm pivot. 2 hours later I was able to remove the swingarm pivot bolt. I used a 5 lb BFH and a torch to get the bolt out. It was rusted big time. bearing chunks flew all over the garage. Chalk up another 150.00 for various all balls kits to replace the rusted stockers.

The odd part was this. Most parts showed very little wear. This poor bike was neglected to death. Five bucks worth of grease and oil would have saved this machine.

I dont care how good the factories build them. When you pressurewash or ride, YOU HAVE TO GREASE EVERYTHING on a regular basis. You could probably do it yearly, but you have to do it! Grease it up after that first ride. I know most people are not anal enough (like me) to rip it apart before you ride it, but do it soon. Lets not let our bikes fall apart like this!

Thanks for tip, sorry about what happend. That sucks.


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