which boots?

Fox Forma Pro or Tech 8's? :)

Also check out the Gaerne SG10's and the Sidi boots if you're shopping. I've had two pair of Tech 8's and I prefer my Sidi's over the Tech 8's in terms of comfort and protection. I also have a pair of Gaerne SG1's (in Tech 6 class) and they're very comfortable, but the SG10 is what would compare to the Tech 8 boot.

I bought a new pair of Oneal Elements a few weeks ago, and went for a 10 block or so ride. They are hard as hell to shift in as they ar so big. I dont know if the XR650L (03) just doesnt have enogh room between the shifter or what. I have a nice pair of Alpinestars I used for my CBR900rr that match my offroad gear well and they are not nearly as bulky and feel perfectly sized for shifting etc. I took a long ride today wearing them, street only. I know they wouldnt be so hot offroading (duh) but has anybody had this problem using MX boots on a XR650L ?

I may end up putting them on Ebay since I probably cant really use them, they are brand new really but I cant return them since they show a very slight sign of peg wear on a 5 min ride.

I know IMS etc make replacement shifters, but havent seen extended ones which would probably help. If anyone has a solution or link thanks in advance.\\

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