Fuel Screw & Carb Issues

Here's what I'm running now...

168 Main

48 Pilot

72 Starter

70 Leak

JD Needle Blue #3

Alititude: 4500-6500' ASL

Temp: mid 50's - mid 60's

The thing that's got me confused is that the Fuel Screw still does nothing! I have the spring, washer and O-ring now, so that's not the issue, and I've never forced it to seat causing any damage to it. If I turn it out more than 2 turns, the engine starts to die, but it runs great fully seated. Do I need a smaller pilot like a 45 or 42 or even smaller? Please God, help me :) ...SC


-Try the #45 pilot jet to see if the fuel screw will lower the engine speed when turned in to less than 1 turn. See if the throttle response improves.

-The next step would be to use the red needle in the #5 clip position, which may be more appropriate for the elevation.



Where do you ride in california?

Red Mountain area, Jawbone/Cal City, Johnson Valley, Blythe

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