new bike, but im thinking of going red...

my local track (lakewood, colo) is going to have the AMA nationals come through :) , so the jumps are getting huge. well, my 426's suspension just isnt handling the big leaps anymore. so...

a newer, used bike is in order. :) but i havent had the pleasure of riding a YZ450. i have riden both an 04 and 05 CRF450 and both feel basically the same, but both bike are vastly superior to my 426 in every way. basically in the suspension and ergos

how does the 03-05 YZ450's suspension differ from the 04-05 CRF450's? and are the ergonomics different between yamaha and honda?

i love the way yamahas handle, but those crf's are so plush on the big landings, i dont know which would work better for me.

has anyone riden both 450's?

I think both bikes come with pretty decent suspension for stock, but if you like hitting the big jumps then you can always get the shocks revalved/respringed for your riding style. I personally prefer the suspension of a yamaha over the honda, but thats just my opinion. I think if you rode the YZ450 you would like how it lands and handles.

See if you can arrange to ride a YZ450F. The suspension is great on the bike, but whatever you get you'll probably need to get the suspension revalved for your specs and riding style. Good luck.


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