Rear Turn Signals YZ426

I am in the middle of converting a 2002YZ426 to road legal and was wondering if any of you guys have seen a real clean looking led set up for the rear turn signals. I currently have the Acerbis led taillight and would like to add 2 small lights to either side of the brake lens or fender. I have done a bit of lookin around but the lights Ive found are either bulky or ugly. I would prefer to have a flush mount style light. So far I have bought the Electrex stator, Acerbis handguards (with the turn signals mounted right on them), Acerbis Twins headlight, Acerbis led taillight. All I need now is either a tach to mark my speeds or maybe the trail tech computer. Any suggestions for a rear turn signal? Thanks!

i'm doing the same thing to my '01 yz250f. Baja designs sells a nice kit where they put the flush mounts right where the "YZ426F" stickers are on the rear fender. its the "quick release dual sport kit"

Baja Designs has some nice garb to fit your needs.


That kit looks alright..did you buy it for your 250F or are you making your own kit like me?

I did my 01 yz. I put the short stalks on the rear for pa regs. they dont exept flush mounts to make a title I guess. They have both at dennis kirk. I used the truck cap led running lights you get at wally world on the aluminum hand gaurds in front. they look clean. On the speed "O", I used a bell bicycle one. again wally world (10$) I seen it on here and its easier to use than the trail-tech I had. It only goes to 99mph but mine only does 88mph(gps) so it works out good. I also lengthened the sensor wire(easy) on it to mount it on the bar clamp. :)

i bought it, but its still in the mail. stator was back-ordered or some such business....

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