Broken crankcase cover!!!

Hi my friend broke his crankcase cover today on his '04 yz450f. Something happend with his kickstart wich led to a broken cover. I started going trough ebay parts looking for the cover but all I could find was a crankcase cover from a 2000 or 2001 yz426 so I checked for the part numbers to se if the cover was the same on these models and this is what I came up with:

2005 450f 5XD-15431-00-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 3

2004 450f 5XD-15431-00-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 3

2003 450f 5TA-15431-00-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 3

2002 426f 5JG-15431-00-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 3

2001 426f 5JG-15431-00-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 3 (5JG5)

2000 426f 5JG-15431-00-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 3 (5JG1)

As you can see the part numbers aren't the same so my question is doo you think this is the same cover?

Part numbers look different to me. I think you answered your own question.

I doubt it can be interchanged. Probable points of difference are the room given the clutch, modifications to the kick starter, water pump, and most importantly, changes to the oiling system. The right crankcase cover distributes oil from the pump to the rest of the engine/trans, and unless Yamaha tells me it will work, I would stick with the part listed for your bike.

Weld away captain.

Unless that right side cover is magnesium?

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