YZ400F Spark Plug Boot

:) Does anyone know of any companies that sell aftermarket spark plug

boots? I'm having a hard time finding any. Thanks. :)

Why not just put a OEM one back on?

I think 57 dollars for one spark plug boot is pretty high. Especially when it looks like a straight plug off of a chevy straight 6 will work.I also figured with the popularity of these motorcycles that someone would have an aftermarket product. Maybe not.

your having a hard time finding one when you can just get it straight from yamaha? just pay the money and get it over with. hey, maybe you can find one on ebay!


I think you could do the "coil on cap" conversion for less then that price ($57.00). I think I going to convert my 02 YZ426F in the next couple of weeks to the coil on cap set up.

Good luck :)

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