shaking bike?!

just moved from the 300exc to the 426 and when i ride it up to 15 km/h 'on road' i feel that the bike is shaking, i checked the wheels n discs n main bearings and they seems to b fine. what else can i check? is it something that i should worry about? could it b the extra whight from the 300 to the 426?

Mor, Is your bike brand new or did you buy a used bike with a bent rim?

You are making a pretty big jump in horsepower. Are you sure it's not you that is shaking......... :)


My 99 dub-r has the fork tubes raised in the clamps approx. 1/2" (decreases stability) and my Panoram computer hit approx. 94 mph on a flat gravel road w/o any shake.

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