98 WR 400 Vs. 98 YZ400

I have a friend selling his 98 WR400. I was wondering what is the differance and what can be done to make is more like the YZ? One thing I read about is the throttle stop. I believe my friend installed the one from the YZ. Is there any jetting change for this? Will I notice more rotation of the throttle with the YZ stop installed. Any assitance will be appreciated. My friend has always had a hard time starting this bike. I read some threads on the techniques needed to start. I plan check it out on Sunday. :)



i've got the auto decomp cam in my 98 wr400. after starting my friends bike w/o it, thank god! mine's a kick and go affair

follow the steps doug dubach teaches you in the yamaha link. best advice you can get.


Well I tried to start it today. It has been sitting for a while and I live is Michigan with 20*F temp today. I had it started and stall quit a few times and then it would stall. I got the rhythm with the kick start but did not want to stay running. I worked the throttle a little to keep it running to no avail. Is the 20*f temps a big factor with these bikes?

I put in fresh gas and a plug then it fired up.



my 99WR400 starts like a dream, always has. I use the method stated by Dubach and it works well cold or hot one of my Friends has a YZ400 and I think there is no difference after mods are done except on the mapping quicker responce of throttle but seems like he is shifting gears a lot of the time while I can stay in 3rd and lug along on a tight trail or rail and still hold a gear for a while and the still have two great gears left:) I can go longer on fuel and I can get a plate for it which would be awesome

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