Baja 250

John Roberts asked us to his place on the beach in San Falipe. It is

right on the beach! We spent a week there. It was Beautiful and 74

degrees almost the whole time down there!

I adjusted valves, tested suspensions till my broken rib was just

killing me!

Whoops! Whoops! and some real big swallow whoops! The first part of

the race is about 25 miles of whoops that most are so, steap that

your skid plate drug if you roled them! Then there is a killer rocky

section at the bottom (south) end of the course and then huge whoops

down the long home stretch. 250 miles and Gene and David Ironman!

Dana Reed and Mike Powell

were 401. David Grey 252x and Gene Lane was 257x

They all did great and finished. David was never able to catch up the

time he lost dew to the flat tire at mile #9. I was at the first pit

and changed the wheel for him at mile #23 with Johns brother.

The word is Mike got lost agian

but, was able to catch Gene close to the finish.

They are waiting the

long five hour sit at the border. I made it through in an hour

because I manned the first pit and then loaded and made the run for

the border early. It took me six hours to get home with a stop for

eating. Last year it was a five hour wait at this time. What a zoo!

Four hour drive and a five hour sit in line and stop for gas and eat

and most of the guys are crashing here to jet over to ride the Soboba

Ride @ 6am. These guy's are hard core! It was pooring rain here so,

the tomarrows ride will be wet. Great time but, I am beat!

Mr. Campbell was getting on his bike and just let out his clutch to

go pre-run.......My youngest son saw him and ran up and tapped his

arm. He stopped and gave them all posters and signed them, asked them

questions, thanked them for supporting him, shook each one of there

hands and road off. What a great guy! Made my kids day! Allen

Pflueger (#28 Trophy truck) saw my kids looking at his poster in a

shop window and told them if they stopped by his truck he would give

them posters. They got some and he showed them his truck. Terrible

Herbst gave them stickers and posters also.

The trophy trucks are just insane! We where on the coarse tuning the

suspension (pre-running) and they came flying through the whoops swapping

the rear side to side.

Sound's like fun :D:):)

That's cool the rider's took time for the kid's :p:D

A few updates.KTM wins the overall bike! Honda led the whole day but had a mechanical problem with app. 15 miles to go. Tim Morton's team(Baja Bound Moto) won the 250 class on the Honda 4stroke (crfx? electric start).They put the hurt on 7 other teams! San felipe,always lots of fun!

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