Help on xr650r kit

That is the most amazing rally set up I have ever seen on an XR650R! I hope it is something that is available and not just a one-off "works" piece.


I did a translation on the website specs and here is what it looks like:

2002 XR650R

Engine STD (oil extreme DRC make clutch, hot wire use)

Carburetor STD

F suspension Hard spring & valve modification

R suspension Hard spring & valve modification

Exhaust BIG GUN

Silencer - BIG GUN

Generator Strengthening 200W specification (milestone make)

Gasoline tank (F) Original aluminum make 33.5L

Gasoline tank ® Original aluminum make 105L

Cowl TOMO FRP make cowl

Seat Noguchi seat (タキテックフォーム specification)

Electromotive fan ストラーダ make

Tail back サイトウデザイン make

Steering wheel Connected monkey make エンデューロ HI

Chain DID make VM chain

Sprocket Connected monkey make ultra light/write 45T

Tire The Bridgestone make moose specification

Headlight The Stanley projector HID SPL

Thanks for info, do they give any contact details or anything on the web?

If you do a search in Google for "TOMO FRP Honda" you will recive many URLs to Japanese websites. Next to the titles you will see a "[ Translate this page ]" hyperlink. If you click that you will get the page translated to english and might beable to find a place to purchase the stuff in Japan.

Good luck, it looks like a great setup!

Thanks, it does, doesn't it! Got a nother picture of a xr650r that also did the Dakar, it looks like a KTM, but i can`t seem to attach the picture!



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