Brake pads???

Any suggestions for pads for a 426. I figured I'd change them when I change my tires since they have 2 seasons on them. I do mostly woods riding. Thanks.

The best brake pads I have bought for my bikes are the honda brake pads. Any CR, or CRF from about 1998 on uses the same front brake pad. Actually, any modern MX bike front pad set will work.

I have tried EBC, Braking, SBS and stock Yamaha. My favorite are the Honda's. They are slightly noisy, but stop on a dime.

The worst were the ebc "carbon". You were better off dragging your feet on the ground to stop.

The honda pads are expensive. I had to throw a fit to get mine for 30.00. I said, rather loudly, "I'm not paying that...that price is 30% over retail!' Service Honda has them for..... The other parts customers could here me. Somehow my price then dropped to 30.00....HUM.....

Thanks. I would have never thought of using another manufacturer's pads. Are the rears of the hondas compatible w/ the WR's???

I put EBC's on my wife's quad once. You're right, its better to run without brakes.

Thanks again for the advice.

i run EBC MX-S , they'll throw ya over the handlebars if your not careful !! great in the mud ,good wear,not hard on the rotors,they even come with new pins. what more could you ask for? you must have got the cheaper EBC's ,i've tried galfer and braking,the mx-s are way better than those two anyway. :)

Im using cheap goldfren pads, stops OK, wears quickly, works great in any environment (snow, mud, rain)

plenty materials to choose from, maybe ive got those racing installed, that break good and disappear fast

The worst were the ebc "carbon". You were better off dragging your feet on the ground to stop.

That's funny. I tried a set of EBC pads roadracing and pulled off the track after a few laps and swapped the old pads back in. I jokingly call them ABS -anti braking system - but to be fair, some racers told me that they work well when broken in properly. The factory pads break in fast and I don't want to spend half of practice scrubbing in pads so I stuck with stock.

The Honda rears are not the same. Dont bother.

The front calipers are interesting. Since about 98 all brands use the same Nissin caliper. Pads are the same dimensions as are pistons and seals.

The honda pistons and seals are abotu 1/2 price compared to anyone else. Rebuild calopers with Honda parts.

The Master Cylinders have a similar story. Yamaha has a rebuils kit for 1/2 the money as anyone else. All parts internally are identical.

The rear m/c is odd. Every brand wants top dollar for rebuild seals and pistons.

ferodo, works great for me.


I like the stock Yamaha pads.

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