Tires, Pirelli

Anyone had experience with Pirelli tires? Most of you guys don't like the Dunlop 739s, so I might give Pirelli a try. I ride mostly soft terrain, But I want intermediate life. For the record, my 2 stroke has a 739 on the front and it's fantastic in grip and ware.

i use pirelli diablos on the road race track and they are awesome

For offroad the MT16 rear and MT44 front are the best tire combo I have used. :)

Haven't tried them myself, but the Pirelli MT450 tires are supposed to be very good for MX. I like the 739G front and 756 or Michelin MS2, now MS3 rear. The Michelin lasts much longer, but doesn't work as well in turns.

pirelli is good but i would also consider maxxis. from my experience they last for a pretty long time and give good grip all throughout the track/trails. decently priced too.


I've run the MT32's for a couple seasons. Good grip. Good wear. Quality tire. :)

Thanks. I think I'll try the Pirelli next. I think I'll copy your set up fox.

For offroad you won't be disappointed :) .

Happy with mt32 (120mm) out back. The ware rate is higher than I thought, but I'm rider a stronger bike on harder terrain now. I will buy another.


wat abt mt21 for off road only,

mix terrain of sorts,


I had Pirelli MT32 on the rear and all the knobbies broke off. Worst tire ever.

I am happy with the Michellin S12 in back and M12 in front.

Thanks again to all. After the 32's my next try will be 16's. I will post a feedback later. Happy trails.

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