WR450F 2004-2005 differences


Can someone please give me a short description how to differentiate WR450F model from 2004 and 2005?

I want to be sure that bike I will receive tomorrow is really 2005 :)

As far as identifying an 04 from an 05... The 05 has an oval aluminum exhaust pipe but there are ID stickers on the frame next to the header that will tell you the year aswell.

Thanks for your help. I got my bike and it's definitely 2005 :) Big IMS tank already installed now. I can't hardly sleep over night to go for a long ride :)

05 has a smaller tank with renthal bars. Upgrades. exhaust is oval brushed aluminum. 04 is chrome diferent shape with nozzle out. Just my quick thread.

The radiators on the 05 are narrower than 03/04.

I wish the 05 had the 04 tank. Ill probally upgrade to a bigger tank.

The easiest way to tell the '04 from the '05 for any four-stroke YZ is the front end. The '04's had a two-piece outer fork tube (the part that holds the seals was a different piece from the rest of the tube). The '05's have a very narrow "bell" at the bottom of the outer tube. Also, the lower fork protectors are round instead of angular. The '05's have Honda-style brake routing. That means the front brake line doesn't run under the bottom of the left side fork tube.

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