wr/yz tank

Anyone know if my 01 wr426 europeen model has the same tank as a 01 yz426, the reason I ask this is that the tank seems a lot smaller than the us/canada wr, it only holds 8 litres of petrol.

It says in the manual (I think) that the U.S version holds more fuel.....confusing I know. I can get about £5.50 in my tank, it's way to small!


YES it has. My UK (euro) '02 WR426 is the same. The US tanks had something like 12 litres capacity.

In general, the YZ tank is better for ergonomics - ie. slimmer. When the US WR426's were released, a lot of riders over there complained and swapped their tanks for the YZ one.


You can always find the best of both worlds (good ergos and fuel capacity) by buying an aftermarket YZ tank. Acerbis, GYT-R, IMS, Clarke, Zip-Ty Racing sell those for about $200 USD + shipping.

I personnally own an IMS and a Zip-Ty. The IMS is for sale.

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